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theriverthames's Journal

18 January
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air, all saints, always having a headache, america's next top model, art, augusten burroughs, australia, bbc america, beautiful men, beautiful things, beauty, being high-maintenance, being madonna's bitch, bel ami, bette davis, bjork, black culture, british culture, charles dickens, chiwetel ejiofor, christina aguilera, chuck taylors, coldplay, colin farrell, confident bitches, creative writing, csaba borbely, cursing, cute french boys, cynical optimism, cynicism, daniel day lewis, daria, dense victorian prose, dior homme, dogs, dolce & gabbana, edith wharton, emma woodhouse, erotica, eurocreme, europe, fags and dykes, fashion, fashionable geekdom, freedom of expression!, french accents, gay porn, gay rights, george michael, gossip girl, gothic fiction, grace jones, graham norton, greek mythology, henry james, hot nerds, hungarian adonises, imogen heap, independence, italians, jake gyllenhaal, jane austen, jillian lewis, john varvatos, keira knightley, kim and aggie, kissing madonna's ass, laziness, london, lusting after barack obama, madonna, make me a supermodel, manorexic faggots, mary elizabeth braddon, men, meryl streep, mika, models, mrs. sparsit, mychael knight, naomi campbell, natalie portman, new york city, nick hornby, nicole kidman, oscar wilde, oversexed madonna, overusing exclamation points, paris, patrick marber, personal growth, philly, pretty thugs, project runway, queer as folk, r&b, radiohead, rami kashou, random idiocy, reading, robert wayne, rufus wainwright, rutgers, sensation fiction, sex, sex and the city, sexuality, she wants revenge, shoes, sia, snazzy sneakers, stevie wonder, sylvester james, taye diggs, the early 90s, the simpsons circa 1993, the slutty xtina, the strokes, the supermodel era, the supremes, the tyra/naomi smackdown, the uk, the union jack, thinking too much, thom yorke, tori amos, traveling, tyra banks, tyson beckford, victoria beckham, wispy looking femme boys, worshiping the brits, writing